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After a nearly two-year absence, our full web site is back online, with plenty of features to entertain you.




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Tired of being bullied, exploited and victimized by the super-rich..? Sick of watching decent, normal folks losing their homes... whilst greedy bankers and the criminals on Wall Street continue to run amok..? Then join "the 99%" by supporting progressive grassroots organizations and "Occupy" movements within your vicinity. Remember -- you can't be free if someone else owns you. Think about it.


VTMB Mega-Mod (sample)
Animated nude poster of Jeanette


Latest News

May 01, 2013

Tessera's "VTMB Mega-Mod" is no longer available to the public... due to a
blatant and ongoing incident of theft (chiefly by members of the Camarilla Edition web site).
 A full explanation of Tessera's decision to permanently withdraw the VTMB Mega-Mod can be found here.

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ABOVE:  Tessera's topless Malkavian, from Vampire -- The Masquerade: Bloodlines.
This is the infamous VTMB Mega-Mod version, which is no longer available.

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