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  1. How do I join your Forums ... ?
  2. Where can I find Tessera's mods... ?
  3. Why doesn't Wikipedia mention the True Patch... ?
  4. Who is Tessera... ?
  5. What is the True Patch Gold Edition... ?
  6. How do I make a donation to tessmage.com... ?

How do I join your Forums... ?

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can join the tessmage.com Forums. We have members ranging in age from very young (18-25) all the way up to 50-plus. As you might imagine, this leads to an interesting mixture, in which people from different walks of life and different age groups routinely bounce ideas and opinions off one another within an uncensored environment. Joining our Forums is quite easy: just visit our Forums and look for a button near the top of the board that says "Register." And then, just fill out our typical online application form and lastly, confirm your e-mail address (an e-mail confirmation link will be sent to you automatically after you register). That's all there is to it. Keep in mind that our Forums are totally uncensored and often feature risqué content. One area of our board in particular, known as "The Dark Side," is an "anything goes" zone... and the subjects found there can be totally off-the-wall and very explicit in nature. As a matter of fact, "The Dark Side" area of the board doesn't even show up for new members... not until they have posted at least five posts within other areas of our Forums. So if you are easily offended by such things, then our Forums are probably not for you. Open-minded and fun-loving adults should have no problems with our Forums, however. As with all things of this nature, the only way to know for sure is to check it out for yourselves. All of our members are mature and friendly folks.

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Where can I find Tessera's mods... ?

Several years ago, Tessera went into "retirement" and stopped offering his mods to the public. He did this in retaliation against quite a few attacks which were being launched against him and his work on other web sites. But all of that took place a long time ago... and there have been signs that Tessera is thinking of once again offering his work to the general public. So the best answer to your question is: keep checking the tessmage.com Forums, along with our Downloads page. If there are any changes in Tessera's stance in the future, then those will be the first places to look for any news about his mods.

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I love to play VTMB and I have been using the True Patch for several years. So do all of my friends. Why doesn't the Wikipedia article about Bloodlines mention the True Patch Gold Edition... ?

We have no idea. As a matter of fact, Tessera himself got into a huge battle with the Wikipedia staff over this issue, several years ago. They gave all sorts of silly reasons for ignoring the True Patch... but under intense scrutiny, none of their reasons made any rational sense. After carefully considering everything that has happened, we are currently of the opinion that the ACTUAL reason for Wikipedia's dismissal of the True Patch is because tessmage.com is a mature web site, which features nude art work. The Wikipedia staff are, quite frankly, behaving like prudes (and they really do behave like prudes -- going so far as to label this site a "porn site," and then banning anyone who posted anything in defense of the True Patch). In short: the sexually repressed Wikipedia staff are no doubt hesitant to post any links to adult-oriented web sites within their articles. That would seem to be their bottom line... as silly and as antiquated as it may sound. Aside from that, we can not think of any other reason for why the Wikipedia would ignore the only legitimate VTMB patch on the entire worldwide web. Tens of thousands of VTMB players worldwide are using the True Patch... nearly as many as the users of "that other patch." So if you are concerned about this problem, then our best advice is to petition the Wikipedia and demand that they give a balanced and accurate presentation within their VTM: Bloodlines article.

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Who is Tessera... ?

Tessera is an artist, writer and musician living in New York. At one time, Tessera ran a small, private web site devoted to Playboy Playmates and quite a few actual Playmates were regular members of that site. That was Tessera's first foray into hosting a web site of his own... way back in 2003. Besides girls, Tessera has lots of other hobbies, too... including video games. Back in 2006, Tessera decided to take his life-long talent for painting beautiful nude women and apply it to his video game hobby... with the result being that for awhile, Tessera was considered to be one of the best "nude modders" on the web. But back in 2008, Tessera decided to "retire" from modding, after a series of conflicts left him feeling embittered. Whether or not Tessera ever plans to come out of retirement and start releasing his mods to the public once again, that question is still up in the air. As for his personal information, Tessera tends to be a private person. The only things we know about him for sure are that he is a very liberal-minded person; he is over the age of 40; he has a gorgeous girlfriend who is much younger than himself; he is an outspoken political activist; he has a sardonic sense of humor; he has no children (he doesn't seem to like children very much, either); he's fairly good-looking -- with a slim build, thick auburn hair and intense steel-blue eyes; he has a short temper (watch out); back in 2005, he single-handedly waged a bitter war against Blizzard Entertainment which people still talk about to this day; he enjoys giving things to others (hence this web site); and he likes dogs (but he hates cats). The best way to get to know Tessera is to simply interact with him on our Forums. Despite his reputation to the contrary, he is actually very easy to talk to... so long as everyone shows him the respect which we feel is his due.

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What is The True Patch Gold Edition... ?

The True Patch Gold Edition is a "bug-fixes-only" fan-made patch, for a brilliant PC game entitled "Vampire -- The Masquerade: Bloodlines." The Gold Edition is the latest and most comprehensive version of the True Patch. The True Patch was created because of a real need within the larger Bloodlines community for a high-quality patch which ONLY fixed legitimate bugs in the game -- without making any arbitrary, frivolous and unnecessary changes to the rest of the game. Its original release (version 5.04AT) was co-authored by Tessera and most importantly, by a professional programmer who goes by the name of Acrimonious. Some time later, Acrimonious retired from the scene, in order to pursue his own career as a programmer. Tessera then took up the reins and spent many months learning how the nuts and bolts of the Bloodlines "Source" engine work. The end result of this learning process was that Tessera became quite adept at making all sorts of intricate repairs to Bloodlines... many of which were not addressed in version 5.04AT of the True Patch. And so, after many months of debugging and several weeks of independent beta testing, the True Patch Gold Edition for Bloodlines was released by Tessera in 2010. Today, it represents the only legitimate VTMB patch on the web, in the sense that unlike "that other patch," it does not impose any arbitrary and unnecessary alterations to the game upon the end-user. We feel that arbitrary changes are within the purview of a mod -- not a patch. Hence the name: "True Patch," meaning that it is truly a legitimate third-party patch... and not a mod masquerading (no pun intended) as an "unofficial patch."

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I love the idea of an independent web site for adults, and I would like to show my support by making a donation. How do I go about donating to tessmage.com... ?

It is true that this web site is completely non-commercial. That's why you don't see any "banners," or any other form of advertising, anywhere on this site. We actually have our very own private server... not a "shared" server, as is the case with most other small web sites. A private server gives us more speed, more reliability, more security, and more control over our featured content. But as you might imagine, all of that hardware and bandwidth costs money... far more than most people might suspect. So if you would like to make a donation, then you can bet that we will appreciate your gesture. As for how to go about making a donation, you can do so in any number of ways (such as via PayPal, for example). Just send an e-mail (or a personal message, if you are a Forum member) to Tessera directly. He will then give you the specific information that you need, in order to make a safe and secure donation to this web site. And thank you very much for your show of support..!!!

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